US Open Golf 2021

The annual open national championship of Golf starting today, it is the third of the four major Golf championships in the industry this year.  Originally established in 1895, there has been 120 editions since.  This year being hosted at Torrey Pines South on California’s coast, with breath-taking views of beaches and the overall coastline, this course will be a tough one for the US Open.

Golf ball and Gold Club on grass

The Course – Torrey Pines

Located on the west coast of the United States, the Torrey Pines Golf Course boasts 36 holes that overlook the Pacific Ocean offering breath taking views whilst you play. The last time Torrey Pines hosted for the US Open was 2008 and was won by Tiger Woods over his opponent, at the time, Rocco Mediate. This allowed Woods to make a par to gain his third U.S. Open and fourteenth career major title, which put him just four behind Jack Nicklaus. He managed to achieve the win all whilst playing with a stress fracture. This was his last major title up until 2019. With the US Open back at Torrey Pines this year, fans are excited to watch the games unfold.

Brooks Vs Bryson

Every great sport has a rivalry/ beef that draws extra attention to events to attract the fans and get them excited for the games. The rivalry that seemingly started in 2019 between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau has become one of the most compelling golf rivalries in years.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the beef started between the two but it’s speculated it began in January of 2019: when there was a minor spat between the two over slow play (poor golf etiquette or bad mannerisms during the game).

Over the course of lockdown last year, the pair seemed to be batting back and forth with each other with pokey tweets being made causing fans to bask in the beef. A more recent dig being made by Brooks, as he offer fans (who heckled Bryson during a tournament) a free crate of beers “we’re giving out 50 cases of beers for fans who may have had their time cut short during the tournament” he states in the video. This was a clear poke toward Bryson as he had fans removed who were shouting “Brooksy” at him for a whole tournament.

With all that being said, it was speculated whether or not the pair will play with each other this year, this would certainly increase the entertainment value for fans. When questioned about playing with each other the two responded very differently: Bryson insisted:

it’s great banter… I hope on the weekend we can play against each other and compete”.

Whereas Brooks took the nonchalant approach stating “it doesn’t matter to me who I’m paired with… I’m here to play my own game.”

Bryson is this year’s defending champion, with Brooks winning the title two years running (2018 and 2017) will the fact that Bryson won last year fuel Brooks to play harder and snatch his once title back? What do you think? The beef between the two, whether its for publicity or not, its certainly attracting attention from fans as the question divides us: Who’s side are you on?