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Olympics Betting: Surfing

Tokyo 2020 | 25 July – 1 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Surfing History

Quite simply, there is none! Olympic surfing begins its history at Tokyo 2020.

The closest we can get to Olympic surfing is the fact that Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku – the ‘father of modern surfing’ – won three Olympic golds for Swimming at Stockholm 2012 and Antwerp 1920. Despite his swimming success for the USA, his passion was always surfing and he strongly advocated for the sport and declared it his dream for it to be given Olympic status whilst accepting his swimming medal at the 1912 Games.

Surfing at Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 will be the birthplace of Olympic surfing. The first ever Olympic surfer medal winners will be showcased here – let’s hope for some records too!

Surfing is one of five additional sports proposed by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee to bring more youthful and vibrant events and culture into the Olympic programme. In 2016, its inclusion was approved by the International Olympic Committee.

Although longboards and shortboards are used in the sport, the shortboard is arguably more dynamic and manoeuvrable, making it more challenging for athletes and more exciting for spectators. As such, shortbaords will be used in Tokyo, where 20 men and 20 women will compete in separate competitions.

Olympic Surfing: How it Works

Naturally, competition will take place in the ocean, where the condition and direction of waves, tides and wind will all factor in an athlete’s performance, decisions and executions of moves.

The format will begin with initial and main rounds, eventually progressing to gold medal and bronze medal matches.

The initial rounds will have four and five-person heats, and the main rounds will have two-person heats, where the winner advances to the next round and the loser is eliminated.

The length of a heat is normally 30 minutes and is decided by the Technical Director, depending on the conditions of the day. In this time, each athlete will be allowed to ride a maximum of 25 waves, and their two highest scoring waves will count towards their heat total, which creates their heat result.

Olympics Betting: Surfing

As an inaugural competition, there is clearly no medal history to inform betting. However, with countries like USA and Australia who have deep rooted surfing cultures, individuals from those nations will be well fancied.

Brazil has also developed a passion and ability for the sport, with it now being the second favourite national sport, only behind their beloved football.

Athletes from these nations have been contenders and champions of the World Surf League. Names such as USA’s John Florence and Kelly Slater, Australia’s Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, and Brazil’s Gabriel Medina and Adriano De Souza.

For women’s surfing, Australia and USA have still been most successful. There has been World Champions like Stephanie Gilmore and Tyler Wright (Australia), and Carissa Moore (USA).

In both men and women’s competition, there are a host of names from these countries that could well be in medal contention come the end of the first Olympic surfing programme.

The fact that no two waves are the same, and the inevitable unpredictability of the ocean the surfers will be competing in, makes for exciting results and betting outcomes.

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