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Olympics Betting: Skateboarding

Tokyo 2020 | 25 July – 5 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Skateboarding History

Olympic skateboarding history starts at Tokyo 2020. From decades on the streets, to newly given Olympic status.

Skateboarding at Tokyo 2020

Another inaugural Olympic sports event at Tokyo 2020. Like surfing, another sport making its Olympic bow, adding skateboarding to the Olympic programme is a conscious effort from the Olympics event committee to bring more young and exciting sports that will attract younger Olympic audiences.

The skateboarding courses for Tokyo 2020 are designs based on those from a number of world championship and qualifying skateboarding events. The main difference is the fact that Olympic courses are much larger than the standardised world championships courses they are based on. There will be both a ‘Street’ and ‘Park’ course for men and women’s events of the same namesakes, both of which are designed for skateboarders of both stances (regular and goofy).

  • Park (Men/Women)
  • Street (Men/Women)

Olympic Skateboarding: How it Works

Olympic skateboarding will break down into two separate categories for both men and women.

Street –

This event is held on a straight ‘street-like’ course, replete with stairs, handrails, curbs, benches, walls, and slopes. Individual boarders perform using each section to showcase their range of skills and tricks in their personal repertoire.

Judging will focus on the difficulty and execution of tricks, factoring in speed, height, originality, and composition of moves. Points will also be awarded according to stance, where particular moves carried out in alternate and changing stances will be rewarded more than those who stick to their favoured stance for certain moves.  

Park –

The Park event is a multi-curved, hollowed-out course where the extreme dips, curves and rises allow high speed and dangerous mid-air tricks. More tricks can be carried out by a skateboarder when they achieve great height from travelling off the edges of the bowl-shapes around the course. However, this obviously brings more risk and difficulty too. A key aim for Park skateboarders will be to showcase their ability to grab the deck of their skateboard as they soar into the air in the middle of a trick.

Again, judges will look at the difficulty and the execution of the moves, as well as the skateboarder’s posture, balance, and agility.

Olympics Betting: Skateboarding

In terms of Olympics betting for Skateboarding, the fact it is a new Olympic sport means there is no real betting history to go by, especially by the largely unknown Olympic judging standards. However, with renowned and top ranked skateboarders across both disciplines, there are a number of individuals and nations who are well fancied for medals.  

For the men’s Street event, USA’s Nyiah Huston and Japan’s Yuto Horigome are being heavily backed for gold medals, but there are also contenders like Shane O’Neill (Australia), Jagger Eaton (USA) or Manny Santiago (Puerto Rico) who are more than able to deliver Olympic gold performances.

For the women, a lot of punter can’t see beyond the ‘Brazilian phenoms’ of Leticia Bufoni, Ravssa Leal, and Pamela Rosa. Yet, USA star Alexis Sablone is also well fancied.

The men’s Park event is notoriously hard to call within skateboarding. There are excellent power skaters such as Zion Wright and Pedro Barros of USA and Brazil. There are skaters who excel at transitioning like Oskar Rozenberg and legendary skater Rune Gliffberg, of Sweden and Denmark respectively.

The women’s event is even more competitive, with contenders as young as 11 years old taking part.

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