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Olympics Betting: Shooting

Tokyo 2020 | 23 July – 2 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Shooting History

Shooting is one of the rare Olympic events where athletes from practically every nation participating in the Games – usually 100 – compete in the event. Shooting is a global sport and has featured in every Olympic programme since the first modern Games in 1896, apart from St Louis 1904 and Amsterdam 1928, when it was pulled. It wasn’t until Los Angeles 1984 that women’s events were also finally added.

Shooting at Tokyo 2020

The first medal of Tokyo 2020 will be won in Shooting. This will be day one of the Games, in the women’s 10m air rifle event. This year, the 10m air rifle, 10m air pistol and clay trap will be included as men’s, women’s and mixed events too. Here is a breakdown;

  • 50m Rifle 3 Positions (Men/Women)
  • 10m Air Rifle (Men/Women)
  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (Men)
  • 25m Pistol (Women)
  • 10m Air Pistol (Men/Women)
  • Trap (Men/Women)
  • Skeet (Men/Women)
  • 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team
  • 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team
  • Trap Mixed Team

Olympic Shooting: How it Works

There are three disciplines in Olympic Shooting; Rifle & Pistol – shooting at stationary targets in a range, and Shotgun, entailing hitting moving targets.

In Rifle and Pistol events, Olympians aim at a target with concentric circles, with those closer to the centre of the target earning more points. There are 4 gun types and three distances: 50m rifle, 10m air rifle, 25m rapid fire pistol and 10m air pistol

There are also three shooting positions; kneeling, where the athlete goes down on one knee and rests the gun on the other knee; Prone, where the athlete shoots while lying down; and Standing – as the name implies.

The Shotgun event entails shooting at flying targets, commonly clay. The two varieties include traps, where targets are launched long distance from a single trap, and Skeet, where targets are launched from traps to the left and right of the shooter.

Olympics Betting: Shooting

As an indicator for Olympics betting potential, the most successful medal winning countries are USA, China, and Republic of Korea, all performing strongly.

Republic of Korea gained three gold and two silver medals at London 2012, while the USA also topped the podium on three occasions.

At Rio 2016, Italy achieved notable success in Shooting, with two golds in the men’s 10m air rifle and 50m rifle,  as well as winning a gold and three silver medals in the men’s and women’s skeet events.

In terms of individuals to look out for, Olena Kostevych is the current female World No.1, with fantastic Olympic pedigree, including winning several golds at Athens 2004.

The Men’s World No.1 is Jerry Miculek – 66 years young in an Olympic event where age truly is just a number, having won 9 gold medals and 1 silver across his career.

Other recent prominent Shooting athletes have included Germany’s Christian Reitz, who won gold in Rapid Fire Pistol at Rio 2016, and Gabriele Rossetti (Italy), who won gold in Men’s Skeet.

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