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Olympics Betting: Judo

Tokyo 2020 | 24 July – 31 July | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Judo History

Judo made its Olympic debut at Tokyo 1964, and now it returns home to the Nippon Budokan once more. Historically a men’s sport, women’s events were added to the Olympic programme from Barcelona 1992.

Apart from on class, Japan won every Judo gold medal in 1964. Since then, almost 130 nations have participated in Olympic Judo events, making it a truly global sport for Olympics betting.

Judo at Tokyo 2020

Where it all began – Judo started in Japan, and here it is on the world stage, at home for Tokyo 2020. A mixed team event will make its debut at this summer’s Games; three male and three female judoka from the individual competitions will combine and face off against opposing nations to become the inaugural Olympic Judo Team Champions.

   Event Programme

  • – 60kg (Men)
  • – 66kg (Men)
  • – 73kg (Men)
  • – 81kg (Men)
  • – 90kg (Men)
  • – 100kg (Men)
  • + 100kg (Men)
  • – 48kg (Women)
  • – 52kg (Women)
  • – 57kg (Women)
  • – 63kg (Women)
  • – 70kg (Women)
  • – 78kg (Women)
  • + 78kg (Women)
  • Mixed Team

Olympics Judo: How it Works

The aim of judo and the judokas (the athletes) is to throw or takedown an opponent to the ground and force them to subdue or submit via a pinning hold, joint lock, or choke move. There are 100 techniques a judoka can employ in pursuit of achieving the highest scores possible, with ‘Ippon’ being the ultimate aim to gain victory, as a match would be deemed over once an athlete successfully executes a throw that combines ultimate speed, strength, and control.

If scores are tied, a bout goes into ‘Golden Score’, effectively overtime where the first judoka to achieve a further score wins.

Techniques and manoeuvres are so fast in judo that victories can literally be achieved or lost in the final seconds of a fight.  

Olympics Betting: Judo

Substantial Judo Olympics betting is expected to back the host nation, Japan. This is supported by the fact Japan won most medals, including golds at the Tokyo 2019 World Championships, closely followed by France, who won three golds.

In terms of individuals for Olympics betting in Judo, Ono Shohei is considered the pound-for-pound king, and will be heavily backed in the -73kg class. Azerbaijan’s Rustam Orujov nabbed a silver medal at Rio 2016, so he too could be in contention for medals here in Tokyo.

The French team, its women, and its individuals on both sides are also expected to be successful. Teddy Riner is their double Olympic heavyweight champion, and will be aiming for a third consecutive gold.

There is also a young Ukrainian star – Daria Bilodid – an explosive 20-year old who has already won two World and European titles in the -48kg category.

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