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Olympics Betting: Handball

Tokyo 2020 | 24 July – 8 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Handball History

Originally played outdoors as field handball, the sport first appeared at the Berlin 1936 Games. he modern indoor version made its Olympic debut at Munich 1972. The first women’s competition was held at the Montreal 1976 Games. Handball has featured at every Olympic Games since. 

Handball at Tokyo 2020

Twelve teams will compete in both the men’s and women’s competitions at Tokyo 2020. Teams will begin in a group phase with the top eight nations progressing into the knockout phase of the tournament.

  • 12-team tournament (Men/Women)

Olympics Handball: How it Works

Handball is played on a 40m x 20m court with 3m x 2m goals at each end, surrounded by a D-shaped goal area. Two teams of seven players pass and dribble a ball up the court to throw the ball into the opposition’s goal – spectators might see 60 goals or more in a single match!

Matches consist of two 30-minute halves. If teams are tied at the end of regular time in the knockout phase, the match goes into overtime. If there is still no winner after two overtime periods, each consisting of two five-minute halves, there will be a penalty shoot-out.

Court players can only hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds and take a maximum of three steps while holding it. Watch for goalkeepers leaving their goal area when not in possession of the ball and taking part in the game as any other court player. Or, watch them sprint off the court as they clear the way for a seventh field player to enter, leaving the goal empty.

Players have different positions and roles on the court. Some of the positions are centre-backs, wing players and goalkeeper. As well as strength, stamina and excellent ball skills, strong teamwork and tactics are vital. All players must be skilled in both defence and attack.

Olympics Betting: Handball

For Olympics betting on Handball, European countries are heavily dominant in terms of medal winners in the men’s game, with Republic of Korea being the only non-European nation to win an Olympic medal in the men’s game.

Contrastingly, in the women’s game, Korea are constant contenders, winning six medals, including gold at Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992.

More recently and relevant, Denmark, France and Germany won gold, silver and bronze at Rio 2016 in the men’s competition. In the women’s events, Russia, France and Norway won gold, silver and bronze respectively.

With Handball growing massively, it’s also expected that men’s and women’s teams from Africa, South America and the Middle East will also contend for medals at Tokyo 2020, along with Japan as the — together, of course, with host nation Japan.

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