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Olympics Betting: Equestrian

Tokyo 2020 | 23 July – 7 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Equestrian Event History

As an event, Equestrian first featured in the Paris 1900 Games, but it officially made its full debut at Stockholm 1912.

Equestrian: How it Works

Equestrian comprises three disciplines; Dressage, Eventing and Jumping, with men and women competing on equal terms with one another.

Dressage is widely thought of as the most artistic equestrian discipline, and is considered as the essential foundation that all other disciplines grow from. Dressage challenges both horse and athlete to showcase athleticism and elegance in unison, as well as the athlete’s ability to manoeuvre the horse and for it to follow the subtle commands that then bring about beautiful movement of human and beast. Comparison with ballet are made, with the intense connection between athlete and horse something wonderful to witness.

Eventing feels like an equestrian triathlon, with it involving a mix of Jumping, Dressage, and Cross Country tests, altogether determining a final score

Jumping involves horse and athlete duos negotiating a course of 12-15 ‘knockable’ obstacles laid out in a set order. Penalties are incurred for knocking down obstacles, evading obstacles, and exceeding time allowances.

Equestrian Events at Tokyo 2020

The Equestrian calendar at Tokyo 2020 will entail team and individual competitions across the three equestrian disciplines, with individual and team medals won for each one.

Olympics Betting: Equestrian

For Olympics betting, Germany is the dominant nation in Olympic equestrian sports, so they will again be heavy favourites in Olympic equestrian betting markets. German athletes have won 26 gold medals across Olympics history, fully reflecting the country’s ingrained equestrian heritage. Other leading nations who may attract Equestrian betting interest includes Sweden, France, USA, and Great Britain.

In terms of Olympics betting for individual equestrian athletes, Michael Jung (again, German) has been the standout victor at recent Olympics, winning gold at London 2012 and Rio 2016.

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