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Olympics Betting: Boxing

Tokyo 2020 | 24 July – 8 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Boxing History

Never mind the modern Olympics, the noble art has been around since the ancient Games in the 7th century BC! In those brutal times, boxers fought each other with strips of leather wrapped around their hands and a match would only finish once an opponent concedes defeat or loses consciousness. Such brutality meant the sport was intermittently banned, until during the 19th century in Great Britain, when modern boxing was formalised with a number of protective rules including the wearing of gloves.

Women’s boxing was finally admitted to the modern Olympic programme at London 2012.

Boxing at Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 will be historic for Olympic boxing for a number of reasons. For the first time ever at the Olympics, boxing will not be confined to amateur fighters, with professionals now able to compete for medals. This could make boxing far more interesting and unpredictable for spectators.

In addition to this, Tokyo 2020 will be holding more women’s boxing events than any previous Olympics. At Rio 2016, there were ten men’s weight divisions, and just three for women. This year, the increasingly popular women’s boxing will have five weight divisions, from fly (51kg) to middle (75kg), whilst men will be in eight divisions, from fly (51kg) to super heavy (91+ kg).


  • Fly (48-52kg)
  • Feather (52-57kg)
  • Light (57-63kg)
  • Welter (63-69kg)
  • Middle (69-75kg)
  • Light Heavy (75-81kg)
  • Heavy (81-91kg)
  • Super Heavy (+91kg)


  • Fly (48-51kg)
  • Feather (54-57kg)
  • Light (57-60kg)
  • Welter (64-69kg)
  • Middle (69-75kg)

Olympic Boxing: How it Works:

For men and women, an Olympic Boxing match lasts for three rounds, each rounding lasting three minutes. Five judges sit at the side of the ring watching the bout and individually award points for what they deem to be successful hits.

In addition, the referee can end a match if the difference between the fighters is such that the match should not continue or if a doctor indicates the match should be stopped.

A match can also end if a competitor receives three warnings (penalties) and is disqualified or if a competitor is unable to resume a fight within ten seconds, in which case they are considered knocked out (‘KO’).

Olympics Betting: Boxing

For men’s Olympics boxing betting, USA and Cuba have been the two consistently dominant nations in terms of medals. Between them they have won around one-third of all gold medals available, and many fighters have gone on to become successful and often legendary professional fighters.

For a relatively small nation, Cuba’s Olympic record in boxing is excellent, between Barcelona 1992 and Athens 2004 alone, Cuba won 19 gold medals in boxing. A very attractive proposition for Olympics betting on boxing.

Still relatively new, medal winners in women’s Olympic boxing have so far come from Europe and USA. However, with the sport growing rapidly around the world and nations like China, India and Kazakhstan getting podium finishes in the London and Rio Games, many nations like these will be hoping for medal success at Tokyo 2020.

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