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Olympics Betting: Beach Volleyball

Tokyo 2020 | 24 July – 7 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Beach Volleyball History

Although the original non-beach/indoor version of the sport was established in the last 1800s, beach volleyball came some time later, with the modern two-player version of the game we now know originating in Santa Monica California. Beach Volleyball was finally recognised as a standalone Olympic sport at Atlanta 1996, and has been part of the Olympic programme ever since.

Beach Volleyball at Tokyo 2020

For beach volleyball at Tokyo 2002, there will be 24 men’s teams and 24 women’s teams. Each competition will begin with six pools of four teams, The first two ranked teams from each pool, and the best two teams that rank third in their respective pools, will advance automatically to the round of 16 of the final phase.

The four remaining third-ranked teams in each pool will play a two-match lucky loser round; the two winning teams in the lucky loser round will also qualify for the final phase, making a total of 16 teams.

Olympic Beach Volleyball: How it Works

Beach volleyball uses a slightly smaller court than the indoor game (16m x 8m) and is divided in half by a net, the same size as the indoor game. The biggest difference between the two is the ground material and the team numbers, with beach volleyball having just wo players on each side.

Also, since the wind, sun or rain can have a negative or positive influence on the game, teams switch sides when the sum of the two teams’ scores reaches multiples of seven (five in the final set).

Olympics Betting: Beach Volleyball

From an Olympic medal standpoint in beach volleyball, USA and Brazil are leading the way for Olympics betting on medals.

In every Olympics since the introduction of beach volley at Atlanta 1996, USA has won 10 medals in total, including 6 golds. Brazil then run them close with 13 medals in total, including 3 golds.

Although, several European nations are now emerging as contenders following the 2019 FIVB World Championships. Neither the USA or Brazil won a medal in the men’s competition, whilst Russia, Germany and Norway ended up on the podium. And Russia’s women’s team were victorious, winning the World Championships.

Norway’s pairing of Anders Mol and Christian Sørum are considered an emerging powerhouse on the world stage, with Mol’s outstanding athletic ability and spike blocking being cited. The pair have been playing together since 2016 and have won the European Championships twice.

Canada’s Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes also have a taste for victory after winning the 2019 World Cup title.

Rio 2016 Gold winner, Laura Ludwig of Germany, will also return at Tokyo 2020, following maternity leave at the age of 33.

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