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Olympics Betting: Baseball

Tokyo 2020 | 21 July – 7 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Baseball/Softball History

Historically, at the Olympics, baseball has been played as a ‘demonstration sport’ – showcasing the game rather classifying it as a medal sporting event. Only from Barcelona 1992 did baseball finally get its classification as a medal sport.

Baseball/Softball at Tokyo 2020

Baseball and softball were last contested as Olympic events in Beijing 2008. Although the sports and their players missed out in Rio 2016, it has been reinstated for Tokyo 2020, with baseball being hugely popular in Japan.

Six national teams will be competing at Tokyo; Japan, Mexico, South Korea, USA, Dominican Republic, and Israel.

Baseball/Softball: How it Works

Firstly, let’s focus on the difference between the two sports – very little! Softball is a variant of baseball, in which the field of play and the bat are smaller, and the ball is bigger and softer!

The most prominent differences in terms of technique and gameplay is that the ball is pitched from overhand or sidearm from an elevated position in baseball, whereas softball is thrown underarm from a flat pitching circle.

Baseball will be played by national men’s teams, softball by women.

Pitting pitchers against batters, baseball and softball helps unravel a winner between the two and their teams via their successes at hitting, catching and achieving runs. Elite pitchers try to outsmart and overpower batters with accurate fastballs, as well as other technical throwing variations that can either strike a batter out, or at least reduce their runs.

For batters, they must be rapidly responsive or proactive to the kinds of ball the pitcher is throwing, aiming to hit home runs, or at least build runs, going from base to base. A ‘home run’, where the batter is able to circle the bases and reach home safely in one play, usually results from a strike that travels 100 metres or more and clears the outfield fence.

The fielders have the task of ensuring that the powerful hits sent their way by batters end as an out, with spectacular diving catches and powerful throws from deep in the outfield.

Olympics Betting: Baseball/Softball

In terms of Olympics betting, with baseball being hugely popular in North and South America, as well as Asia, it’s no surprise that several nations in these regions have dominated in past games, and are fully expected to be amongst the contenders for gold at Toko 2020.

Cuba has won gold at three of five Olympic stages for baseball, with USA and Republic of Korea winning at Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008 respectively.

As hosts, Japan are expected to make their market at this summer’s games, so they too may well be popular for Olympics betting.

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