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Olympics Betting: Archery

Tokyo 2020 | 23 July – 31 July | Multiple Rounds

Olympics Archery History

One of the most ancient of sports, Olympic archery made its debut at Paris 1900, but modern sporting rules were not introduced until the Munich Olympics 1972.

Archery at Tokyo 2020

There will be individual events for men and women, team events for men and women, as well as the newly added mixed team event.

Archery Event – How it works

The Olympic archery competition starts with a ranking round on the day of the Opening Ceremony. All 64 men and 64 women shoot 72 arrows and are then ranked from first to 64th based on their total scores. They then compete in pairs based on their rankings, with the first-ranked archer facing off against the 64th-ranked archer, the second-ranked against the 63rd-ranked, and so on.

These individual elimination matches see the loser leave the competition and the winner advance to the next phase, until two athletes remain to contest the gold-medal match. The two semi-final losers compete for bronze.

Individual, team, and mixed team matches are all decided using a set system, similar to tennis. The first to six for individual contests, the first to five for teams and mixed matches.

Olympics Archery Betting

Republic of Korea (South) has long been the dominant force in Olympic archery, with their athletes winning gold in all four archery events at Rio 2016. Even more telling is the fact that the women’s team has never been beaten in Olympic archery competitions since the event made its debut at Seoul 1988.

Tokyo 2020 Archery Betting Favourites and Contenders

On the team side, Republic of Korea maintains its long-held position as favourites for gold, in both the men’s and women’s events. USA has been the next-best performing nation, winning silver at Rio 2016, and Brady Ellison winning bronze in the men’s individual event.

For individual events, the World Archery Federation’s top 3 ranked female archers are;

  • Deepika Kumari (India)
  • Lisa Barbelin (France)
  • Kang Chae Young (South Korea)

India’s Kumari only recently gained world No.1 spot, knocking Kang Chae Young off top spot.

For the men, Brady Ellison is the current world No.1, ahead of Mete Gazoz (Turkey) and Mauro Nespoli (Italy). You can also expect medal potential performances from South Korea’s Lee Woo Seok and Kim Woojin, as well as Steve Wijler of Netherlands.

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