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Olympics Betting: 3×3 Basketball

Tokyo 2020 | 24 – 28 July

Olympics 3×3 Basketball History

3×3 basketball stems from the popular street sport, that is now considered to be the world’s No.1 urban team sport. Tokyo 2020 will be its first venture into being an Olympic sport. Significantly, it was part of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games programme.

3 x 3 Basketball at Tokyo 2020

At Tokyo 2020, the first ever Olympic winners for 3×3 basketball will be decided. The event will break down as follows;

  • 8-team tournament (Men/Women)

Olympic 3×3 Basketball: How it Works

Again, with Tokyo 2020 being geared towards attracting younger Olympic audiences, 3×3 basketball is known for its highly entertaining atmosphere with games being played at iconic locations in the city, while DJs and music help create an exciting and urban atmosphere.

The speed of 3×3 basketball is its greatest asset. There are no stoppages after a goal or foul, and the attacking team must take a shot within 12 seconds of taking possession of the ball.

Unlike the established five-a-side game, players do not have a specialist skillset, they are more versatile, all-round players who can defend and attack and can win in one-on-one situations in either situation.

Olympics Betting: 3×3 Basketball

In terms of betting on 3×3 basketball betting, Serbia have won four out of the six World Cups since the tournament started in 2012. A lot of national sides utilise five-a-side players for the 3×3 games, yet Serbia are the only nation to use players who solely concentrate on playing the latter. For that reason, they will be heavy favourites for most punters.

In the women’s game there is no dominant nation, with five different countries having won a World Cup — the most recent being China. For Tokyo 2020, the chance for a spot on the podium is open, so all teams are gearing up to deliver their best performance.

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