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Olympics Betting: Fencing

Tokyo 2020 | 24 July – 1 August | Multiple Rounds & Events

Olympics Fencing History

Fencing has featured since 1896 in every modern Olympic Games. It was exclusively a male sport with contests in the foil and sabre, until Paris 1924 when the women’s foil was added to the Olympic programme. It wasn’t until far later at Atlanta 1996 that individual epee was added to women’s events, and later again for individual sabre events – at Athens 2004.

Fencing at Tokyo 2020

In the Tokyo 2020 Games, all 12 fencing events will be held equally for men and women on team and individual platforms.

  • Individual Foil (Men/Women)
  • Individual Epée (Men/Women)
  • Individual Sabre (Men/Women)
  • Team Foil (Men/Women)
  • Team Epée (Men/Women)
  • Team Sabre (Men/Women)

Olympic Fencing: How it Works

Much like boxing, the object of fencing is to strike your opponent, whilst trying to avoid being struck back. Two fencers face each other, holding a weapon in one hand and attempt to strike their opponent on valid target areas of the body.

The three different events are Foil, Epee, and Sabre. There are also different rules and weapons for each discipline.

Individual events in foil and épée are contested over three periods of three minutes (or until time runs out), with the winner being either the first to reach 15 points or whomever has the most points after the three rounds are complete. In the case of a tie, the match goes to sudden-death overtime.

In sabre, two periods are held with a break taking place when the first fencer reaches eight points.

Team tournaments involve three members (and one reserve member) competing in a round-robin format with each athlete on each team fencing one another one at a time. This means a total of nine sets of three-minute rounds are held (each to a maximum of five points), with one team declared the winner after scoring a total of 45 points or having the highest score after nine rounds finish.

Olympics Betting: Fencing

For Olympics Betting on Fencing, Italy, France and Hungary have been the Olympic powerhouses across history. Italy have won the most medals (125!), followed by France with 118. This trio are strongly fancied to win some more medals at this summer’s games too.

In terms of individuals, Italy’s Daniele Garozzo is the reigning Olympic champion and leads a strong foil team that look good Olympics betting value for more medals on a team and individual basis.

USA also look strong, with Rio 2016 silver medallist Alexander Massialas, as well as France with individual world No.1, Enzo Lefort.

Russian fencers aim to back up their good results from the Rio 2016 Games and the 2019 world championships, where they won more titles than anyone else.

For China, Inna Deriglazova is their leading light following her two Olympic medals and two world crowns.

In Olympic fencing, there really are a host of countries and individuals who look to be in medal contention.

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